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Seto font (瀬戸フォント) is a cute, handwriting style Japanese font that features tonnes of characters inside. This font was created by Seto Nozomi (瀬戸のぞみ). It includes besides the usual Hiragana, Katakata, Kanji and Romaji characters, also many other unicode characters, Korean characters, Russian characters and more! Inside the download link, there are three font files. One is the main font file, the others are setofont-ex.ttf (Extra kanji characters) and setofont-gaiji.ttf which feature a huge collection of icon-ready vector graphics and emoji. Below are a screenshot of parts of the vector graphics included.


This font can be used for

  • personal projects
  • commercial projects


Homepage and download*: Download Seto Font

* To download the file, click on the green download button, then inside there you’ll find two version. Download the “SP” version that is optimised for smart phone use that comes with less characters, or the non-SP for the full version

Supported characters

  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Alphanumeric
  • JIS Level-1 kanji
  • JIS Level-2 kanji
  • JIS Level-3 kanji
  • JIS Level-4 kanji
  • Punctuations and symbols
  • Kaomoji


  1. ahiruko wrote:

    the download link and page are no longer working 🙁

  2. Pink wrote:

    Hi, the author reorganized their website a little!

    New font page link:

    New download link:

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