Motoya Kosugi Maru

Motoya’s Kosugi Maru is a free Japanese font set in rounded sans-serif style, with low stroke contrast and monospaced metrics. It was initially developed by MOTOYA for the Android platform, now it’s available as one of the first batch of Japanese fonts released under Google Fonts, where you can use it straightaway on your website.

It comes with the standard Japanese characters together with punctuations and kanji characters. You can download this font and look for it under the name “MotoyLMaru W3 mono”. You can use this font for personal and commercial projects, since it’s an open source font.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal and non-commercial projects


Font Homepage and Download

Supported characters

  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Kanji
  • Alphanumerics
  • Symbols and Punctuation


  1. 美月麻耶 wrote:

    This is the font used for most Japanese phones.

  2. RRINN wrote:

    One of the best fonts for Japanese characters. Has the widest range of compatibility.