Mart Futomaru Shadow

Mart Futomaru Shadow

Mart Futomaru Shadow is a kana-only pop style Japanese font that you can download. It gives a 3d-ish signboard style font feeling.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal and non-commercial
  • For commercial use, please purchase here.


Download Page

*Please visit the page using the link above, and look for download link for both Windows and Mac Operating System at the bottom of the page.

Supported characters

  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Alphanumeric
  • Symbols and punctuations


  1. Makoto wrote:

    Don’t work for me in Word :/ I write and nothing, it’s in white. Any idea of what can I do?

    • jayhan wrote:

      Hi Makoto, please try on other text editor if the same thing occurs? Did you change the input to Japanese?

      • Natalia wrote:

        Hi, I couldn’t view this font even after i changed the keyboard to Japanese. Do you perhaps have an in depth explanation on how to set the language. The font doesn’t even appear in the font library

  2. Jose wrote:

    Hi there! Love this font but want to purchase but the link is broken. Where i can find it to purchase it?

  3. dutchman wrote:

    Hi, i think the link was already dead

  4. Ira wrote:

    can i use the fonts for my youtube channel free use?

  5. Luiz wrote:

    can i use the fonts for my portfolio free use?

  6. Mishket Ben Hamida wrote:

    Hi ! I tried to download it with my Mac but it doesn’t work :/

  7. Alexi wrote:

    Hi Jayhan
    after the installation, it doesn’t work on my Mac Osx Sierra
    Can u give a hand? Thx

  8. Edward wrote:

    Hey so the link is still broken and I can’t find anywhere else to download the font but it looks perfect for a photo I’m making ;_;

  9. アビ wrote:

    cant download this font

  10. jayhan wrote:

    Hi all, thanks for the info on the broken link. The link has been updated!

    • Grant wrote:

      Hi there,

      I’d like to purchase this font please but the link isn’t working for me. Are you able to either update the link or send me an email please?

      Thanks 🙂

  11. Austin wrote:


    Thank you for the awesome font, I absolutely love it!

    My only problem is no symbols are working? It just shows normal character, not in this font. Any idea on how to fix?


  12. Pitchie wrote:

    Hi, thank you for your font.

    For who want to download this font >>>
    In this link you will see “OPEN TYPE FONT”
    Click it and get font


  13. oof wrote:

    For those who are curious, this font ONLY works for Japanese, and the font is also Transparent. I’d recommend this for drawings and stuff. Great font overall!

  14. Tashan Davis wrote:

    Hello I have tried purchasing this font repeatedly with no success. Are there any alternatives to purchasing this font (that does not include email)

  15. RedRaiver567 wrote:

    I like the korean and japanese or russian and everything! But… Where’s the “Download” Button? oh. I get it! The Link page! Sorry i did not see that haha.

  16. synd wrote:

    hi, the link is dead, is there any other way to get the font? thanks!

  17. Kia wrote:

    Hi, I’d like to download this font, but all of the links are dead. Please help. Thanks!