FZ Imokenpi

FZ Imokenpi (FZイモケンピ) is a display style Japanese font free for download. The strokes of the characters were like being constructed with torn transparent tape. This font can be an interesting choice for typographic works that require some attention. It might not be a good choice for smaller font sizes as it will lose the finer details of the font design.

FZ Imokenpi is totally free to use and it has the basic Japanese and Latin characters. For Kanji characters, it supports up to the primary school level kanjis which is a total of 1000 plus characters.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal and commercial projects
  • Accreditation is welcomed. Read FAQ (Japanese) for more info.


Font Homepage and Download

* To download, visit the link above and look for the big yellow download button to download the font.

Supported characters

  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Kanji (about 1000 kanjis)
  • Alphanumerics
  • Symbols and Punctuation

One Comment

  1. kai wrote:

    伍, kore kanji ga inai desu.