Kanji Stroke Order font

Kanji Stroke Order font

Kanji Stroke Order font is a free Japanese font that you can download. What’s so special about this font is that it has a small number attached to each strokes, and the number indicates the stroke order. It’s a good font to have if you want to learn the proper stroke order when writing Japanese characters.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal, non-commercial and commercial projects


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Supported characters

  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Kanji
  • Alphanumeric
  • Symbols and Punctuation


  1. ~T~ wrote:

    Just what I needed for teaching my son’s class. ありがとうございます!

  2. annan wrote:

    Hi, Dropbox is blocked in china. As are Google sites. Is there an alternate download?

  3. Monica wrote:

    I just downloaded to my Mac 10.12.3 and added to the Font Book. When I type in English in Word (15.27), I can see the stroke order numbers showing but when I switch to Japanese, the font automatically changes to Yu Mincho Regular (Body Asian). I am unable to switch the font back to Kanji Stroke Orders if I am in Japanese keyboard. Any suggestions?

    • Robin wrote:

      I’m not a Mac person, but it seems like this might be related to the software you’re using. For example, OpenOffice/LibreOffice let you specify two fonts for a paragraph style: one for western languages, and one for Asian languages. You might be facing a similar issue, and if you are changing the ‘normal’ font, it might be changing one, but using the other.

      Hope this helps, even if the reply is months later. 🙂

      • Tim wrote:

        I am the maintainer of this font. I’ve just released Kanji Stroke Order Font version 4.002. It now has proper support for Microsoft Word on Macintosh.

  4. Amy wrote:

    Is there a version of this same font without the stroke order? I want to use the stroke order to help my beginner students but use it without the numbers for worksheets and PowerPoints. Thanks in advance!

  5. ティム wrote:

    I am the maintainer of the Kanji Stroke Order Font. I’ve just released a new version (v4.002) at http://www.nihilist.org.uk. This new version supports Microsoft Word for Mac – a kind user helped me track down what the problem was.

    Also at http://www.nihilist.org.uk is the font Choumei, which is like the Kanji Stroke Order Font but without the numbers. I don’t maintain it anymore but it may still be useful: there are not many free CJK fonts out there. Having said that, I did update it to support Microsoft Word for Mac at the same time as releasing v4.002 of KSOF.

    • Stephanie wrote:

      Hello! I just downloaded this on Windows but whenever I try to type in Japanese it won’t work. The font automatically switches itself back to the basic Japanese font. How do I fix this?

  6. sanmati Jain wrote:

    hi, I am going to produce a Japanese script writing book for beginners and sell it in India, can I use this font for commercial works?

  7. John wrote:

    Despite what the maintainer claims, the new version does not work on a Mac when typing in Japanese. Can someone please explain how to override the default so this font can be employed?

  8. Anon wrote:

    The homepage website has moved from google sites to https://www.nihilist.org.uk/ .

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