Jet black calligraphy font


Jet Black calligraphy font (漆黒フォント) is a good looking Japanese font that was written in brush. It has the common characters, however the kanji characters have only 1100+ characters including the education kanji characters and kanji for greeting cards.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal, non-commercial projects
  • For commercial usage permission, the creator is still considering. But you can contact the creator to enquire.


Homepage | font download

*To download, click the link above and scroll down until you see the button below. Click to download the font.
(14 April 2017 update: Apparently the owner has stopped the distribution of the font as the moment)


Supported characters

  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Kanji (1100+ characters)
  • Alphanumeric
  • Symbols and Punctuation


  1. Cho Eun Lim wrote:


    This font is so pretty and I would like to use it for our sushi restaurant website. Please email me your regarding permission informtions at your earliest opportunity.

    Thank you so much.

    Cho Eun Lim

  2. Nidonemo wrote:


    I’d very much like to use this font, however the website it links to for the download does not exist.

    Would you know where I can get it now?

  3. Luna wrote:

    Hi! Apparently the link has changed again, neither the download link nor those in the comments seem to work.
    Can you help again?


    • jayhan wrote:

      Hi Luna, I have updated the link. It kept changing and also the download link on the font site is not available at the moment.

  4. sushi wrote:

    Hi there!

    Such a characteristic font! Would very much like to use it but links are broken and unable to download from this site. Is there a way to obtain it at this point?

    Thank you.

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