Hanazono Mincho (花園明朝)

Hanazono Mincho (花園明朝)

Hanazono Mincho (花園明朝) is a very useful font for more formal and official occasion. It’s free to download and on any kinds of work. What so great about this font is that it has all the kanji characters!

Usage Permission

  • Personal and non-commercial, and commercial projects
  • License: Hanazono Font License and Open Font License.


Homepage | Download (TTF)

Supported characters

  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • Alphanumeric
  • Kanji (All kanji)
  • Punctuations and symbols

One Comment

  1. Perrier Jean-Marc wrote:

    I’ve just downloaded these font, and it’s really a good one. It covers mostly of the kanji of the 13th version of Unicode. There are just 19 kanji missing (from U-9FEA to U-9FCC), but they are not often used, so they won’t really miss the use (except from scholars). But these missing kanji, are also not found in other fonts (many ones aren’t as complete as Hanazono Mincho is).
    And it’s really easy to read, and clear, a good one for newspapers and the like (it does not use much ink for print).

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