Hakusyu Kaisho Bold

Hakusyu Kaisho Bold

Hakushy Kaisho Bold is a tidy calligraphy style Japanese font that you can download for free. This is the free version, so it only comes with 1006 education kanji characters.

Usage Permission

  • Free for personal and non-commercial
  • Commercial use is ok, but with exceptions. Please refer to this page (in Japanese) to know more.


Download Page | Download (Win) | Download (Mac)

Supported characters

  • Hiragana and Katakana
  • Kanji (1006 characters)
  • Alphanumeric (2-byte)
  • Symbols and punctuations


  1. hec wrote:

    why latin characters are not showing up? did i miss something?

  2. MA wrote:

    there is an error with this font.

    “Glyph bounding box data exceeds font bounding box data for GID 213.”

  3. Beni wrote:

    I was wondering why when I type the word “猫”

    in microsoft word, it doesnt show in the custom font but other kanji seem to work?

    • jayhan wrote:

      Hi Beni, this font comes with limited amount of kanji characters, so the word “猫” maybe is not supported.

  4. Aung Bhone Khant wrote:

    I want this font
    How can i get?

  5. tom wrote:

    I have downloaded the file but how do I find it and use it in a Microsoft word document?

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